TIME’s new cover makes me so mad I could write essays about it, but instead I’m going to keep job hunting since in today’s world a university degree means nothing and therefore like much of my generation, I’m stuck choosing between minimum wage jobs and internships that I can’t afford to accept in an attempt to pay off my tens of thousands of dollars worth of student debt.

I’d be interested in reading this article to see exactly what makes us entitled and lazy. Are we lazy because more of us are completing high school and going to college than ever before? Are we entitled because our standard of living is declining? Do we live with our parents because we’re too slothful to leave or is because our education costs are getting steeper and steeper while we’re getting less and less aid?
Tell us, Time Magazine, about how we’re narcissistic little slugs when we’re faced with an economic crisis that resulted in a lowering of our standard of living, an increase in tuition costs and how when we get out of our very expensive schools, more and more of us are going to end up working minimum wage jobs. 

Why is she scared?  I’m worried and confused - anybody know what’s going on?
chanandlerb0ng: what’s that thing called where your crush likes you back oh yes your imagination  (via rufeepeach)


what’s that thing called where your crush likes you back

oh yes your imagination 

(via rufeepeach)

Ship Sleeping Arrangements Hook: So how are we doing sleeping arrangements? There's a few rooms. Emma: We could do boys and girls. Mary Margaret: No Regina: No David: No Gold: No Hook: No Emma: ... Hook: We could have the Charming couple in one room, and then *grins at Emma* Emma: And then boys and girls *take Regina's arm* Regina: Miss Swan- Emma: It's Hook, Gold, or me. Regina: ... Hook: ... Gold: ... David: ... Mary Margaret: ... Regina: If you snore, i'll smother you. Emma: I get top! Regina: I am always get the top dear. Emma: We'll see about that. Hook: .... Gold: ... David: ... Mary Margaret: ... Gold: *looks at Hook* If you snore, ill cut your heart out


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